Photoshop’s New Masking Tool

Photoshop Masking ToolIf you haven’t upgraded to the newest Photoshop Creative Suite 2015.5 (June 2016) version, you’re missing out on a great new masking tool it has to offer. You know how tedious and time consuming it is to outline an image to drop out the background in your photo, well Adobe Photoshop has just taken that job and simplified it tremendously. They’ve created a new workspace similar to the filter workspace with some powerful tools and adjustments for you to outline or mask out anything with a great deal of precision. Even hair! You know how difficult that is! Here’s a link to the video with directions on how to use the new tool.

How to use the Photoshop Masking Tool Video.

Creative Market-Design Tools

Free Design Tools

Creative Market-Design Tools

I’ve recently used some high resolution images, fonts and illustrations from Creative Market. They are beautiful and the files are very high quality. I have been very impressed with the quality of tools I’ve used. I highly recommend Creative Market for any materials you might need to complete a project or to find inspiration. The artwork is top notch. Some of the watercolor illustration is amazing and the prices are very reasonable.

Free Design Tools

Creative Market also provides a bundle of 3 items (illustration, fonts, templates or images) free, every week. Sign up and get access to free goods every week.

Creative Market Free Stuff

DIY Seashell Wreath

DIY: How to make a Seashell Wreath

As most DIY projects, this one starts at the craft store for a 16 inch dry foam wreath. It was shaped with a square edge on the top which I didn’t like. I wanted it to be more rounded without any real edges, so I used a serrated knife to cut off the corners and make the shape more rounded.

DIY Seashell Wreath


I sprayed it with a cream colored spray paint. I have been saving seashells for several years, many of them from Louisiana. They have an abundance of the chevron shaped shells. They’re pretty small, but good for filling in spaces. I also bought a few small bags at the craft store and I picked up some seashell jewelry at yard sales. I took them apart and washed everything in soapy water and let it dry for a few days. Then I used a clear gel tacky glue to stick the shells to the foam. If you glue the largest shells first then you can fill in the spaces with the smaller shells. I was surprised at how many shells it takes. As you can see, I’m not done yet.

Be Aware

It’s pretty heavy, I had it propped in a box so that I could glue the edges and the inside section, it fell on the floor and broke into 3 pieces, so I had to do a little repair job on it. Oh well! Not everything works out the way you want it too I guess. :) I filled the cracks with white glue, reinforced the back with cardboard and covered the cracks in the front with shells. I think it should hold up pretty well.

Once it’s complete, I want to put a clear coat of polyurethane on it, just to help hold it all together and give it a little gloss.

What do you think?


Pantone Fall 2016 Fashion Color Palette

Pantone's Fall 2016 Color Palette

Fashion Color Palette for Fall 2016

You can now purchase an Adobe .ASE file from my shop at Creative Market. The palette contains all 10 colors in Pantone PMS Coated Colors, Pantone TCX [Textile Cotton] Colors, CMYK Formulas and RGB Formulas. The package also contains a visual chart of each color and it’s call out number or formula. A great tool for designing your fall materials.