Woman’s Walk 2017

Woman’s Walk 2017

Yesterday, I joined 4 fabulous women for the woman’s walk in Downtown Los Angeles. It was an amazing day! There were 750,000 men, women and children walking for equal rights, dignity and respect for all people. We parked in NoHo and got onto the Red Line subway. The station was jammed with people. It took us 1 and a half hours to be able to get onto a subway train. We were packed like sardines, it was hot because when we left our house is was in the 40’s. Everyone was so calm and cool, we all had a great time. The signs were amazing, people were so creative and clever, I was totally engrossed in the events of the day.

There were not incidents and no arrests in LA yesterday! I’ve never been prouder to be an Angeleno.

Here are few of the photos, mostly from our wait in the Subway Station. I’ll post more tomorrow.


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    1. Yes, it was against hate and disrespect. Mayor Garrett vowed to protect the rights of all people in Los Angeles and treat our immigrants with respect. I was surprised to learn that we have a majority of women running the County of Los Angeles.

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