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Urban Color Palette

Subtle and Subdued

This Urban Color Palette was influenced by the Pantone Urban Color palette. Some colors are the same, some are substituted and I added a few more colors to round out the palette. It contains a variety of grays in both warm and cool colors as well as a few taupes and clean blues. The more saturated colors are purples, brown and a teal based blue. The darker shades of blue show professionalism, authority and sincerity as described in the article on Jen Reviews. Jen Miller wrote a great article on the psychology of color, please visit her site to read more.

The files contain and .ase file for use in all of your Adobe Applications, licensing information and low resolution .jpg of the colors for reference. The color palette file contains Pantone Plus Coated Colors only. You can download it for free here:

Urban Color Palette File

Urban Color Palette

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