Trends for 2020


What’s trending for the new decade?

I’ve been researching trends for 2020 in graphic design, interior design, fashion, stationery and any other industry I could find.

Here are a few things I found:

Butter Yellow
Polka Dots • Butter Yellow • Classic Blue • 3D realism • Monochrome Color • Line Art • Illustration and Photo Collage • Shiny Metallics • Earthy Colors • Vintage Style • Patterns and Textures – Yayy! • 80’s Fashion – Large earrings, heavy chains and can you believe shoulder pads and chain belts! Ugh (do we really want to do this again) • Color Blocking • I didn’t read this anywhere, but I notice a lot of black in home decor-maybe its because we need something to contrast all the gray • Farm Life • Tribal • Pets • Bees • Florals of all types • Lemons & Citrus • Hand Lettering • Fantasy Unicorns & Mermaids • Celestial • Vintage Floral • Teal and of course Classic Blue.





Polka Dots

If you’d like to see more about Interior Design Trends this is a great article on

Here’s another good article on Graphic Design Trends at Graphic Mama Blog.

Cosmopolitan did a nice piece on Fashion Trends.

Here’s another one on

Etsy’s 2020 Trend Predictions.

For Surface Pattern Design Trends you can follow my Trends 2020 Pinterest Board.




Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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Yaaay! Mad Men is back!

Mad Men Fashion

Mad Men Fashion Late 60'sMad Men Fashion

They’re well into the 60’s now. The art direction on this show is amazing. From the wall paper to the dresses, it’s all so authentic, I just love it. Last night Don Draper’s new wife wore the most amazing dress. Here’s a shot of it. Janie Bryant, the costume designer spoke about it on the amc website. It’s a vintage dress, they remade the sleeves in chiffon because they had deteriorated, the chiffon is accordion pleated but you can’t tell on tv or in the images. It was beautifully fitted and just gorgeous on Megan. I adjusted the brightness in the images below to show more of the lines in the dress. It’s a classic! A perfect cocktail dress!



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On Trend?

I recently received an invitation designed in the most interesting font. When I researched it, I found that it was set in Bernhard Fashion. This font was designed in 1929 and has very distinct characters. It was used in it’s original style. It’s a font I’ve had for many years, but I don’t recall ever using it.

1920's Fashion

With the success of “The Artist” at the Oscars last night and the invitation, I’m wondering if the roaring 20’s style is back in fashion?


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