Butterfly Tea Towel

Bright, colorful, Spring Tea Towel

Now available in my Etsy shop Paper Gumbo.

La Papillon Tea Towel

1 cotton linen canvas tea towel, measuring about 15.5 inches x 24.5 inches. My watercolor butterfly illustration is printed on a white background with Louisiana French language in a dark brown color. The fabric is beautiful, looks like 100% linen. The printing on this dish towel is bright and vibrant-a true representation of the original painting.

Washable in warm or cold water with a phosphate free cleanser. Dry low or line-dry. Iron on the back of print if necessary on medium setting. Fabric has been pre-washed but may still shrink slightly.

Makes a great gift. This tea towel will brighten up any kitchen as a decorative accessory.

This item is printed, stitched and ready to ship.

How to choose a Graphic Designer

Not all designers are the same. Some designers only do identity work: logo design, stationary, signage. Others are better at publication design or marketing. Some designers are well-rounded and have done a little of everything. It’s important that a potential client look at the prospective designer’s portfolio. If you need identity design, you should see logos that appeal to you in the designer’s portfolio.

I colleague told me recently that she was called in at the 11th hour to help a new client (she had been referred from person to person etc.) to finalize a print job. The client was a large public organization, they had used a highly regarded, global design firm to do some editorial work. But the design firm, as popular and impressive as it was, really was an expert at identity design. They took on the editorial, but failed to hire an expert in editorial design. The project had a cover design that was not reproducible by the printer, the editorial had up to 9 hyphens in some of the 4 line paragraphs along with bad breaks and broken lines in extreme differences of length, after spending a fortune on a copy editor.

On top of that the designer was rude and arrogant towards the client. This was a 6 figure project for the design firm. Needless to say, they lost the client.

Had the designer understood print production, she could have designed a cover that worked for the print process at the very least. Even if you’re an identity designer, you really need to understand print production. It’s so important to work in collaboration with your printer and/or print production manager while designing the project.