Paper Source’s Colorscope 2015 is Here!

What’s your colorscope? 

My favorite color is peacock, but I just painted my studio somewhere between plum and beet. What does that say about me? I’m not sure, I think I’m patient and serious, inflexible? Well I’ve been called tenacious on multiple occasions, compassionate and loyal, — I think so. Inspirational — maybe sometimes, sympathetic and empathetic, yes — of course I’d like to think I’m charming, but I know I’m not always charming, who is? “When in a bad mood you may have the tendency to see only the negative” duh, isn’t that what a bad mood is all about. What about Aubergine? What a beautiful color — and who wouldn’t want to be highly creative and intuitive!

Yes, I guess I’m most of those things, at least some of the time, how about you?

For more information go to Paper Source.


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