Keeping Track of Time

SZ Studio Time Sheet

SZ Studio Time Sheet

If you’re a designer, whether you’re a web or print designer or even a web coder, you probably get paid by the hour and you realize how important it is to keep good time sheets. Here’s a sample of the one I created. It has 3 sections per day to track your time in and out of a project. I staple it to the front of my job jacked for each job I’m working on. For larger projects, I just keep stapling copies to the top of each other as they fill up. There’s also space for expense notes, such as stock photography purchased, prints made and domain/hosting services purchased. Then, when it comes time to bill the job, I have all the information I need in 1 place.

Being organized is such a huge part of what we do — anything that helps push the project along, efficiently, is a good thing.

For a FREE, generic version of my time sheet in a pdf format:

Generic Time Sheets


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