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BrideyNecklace2Bridey wearing necklace Cropped2

I’ve been blessed. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with my dear friend Pamela Incardona, a costume designer, on 2 of her latest projects. Last year, I helped her with the jewelry for a character in a pilot named “Runner”, played by Adam Rodriguez. She wanted to use a very specific cross. I searched the pawn shops, eBay and the California Missions gift shops. I learned a lot about all the different type of crosses, finally I found a match. I also provided a silver ring which represented “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. It was a really fun project to work on. Unfortunately the show has not been picked up.

I had another chance to work with Pamela on the ABC show “The Family”. I created a BoHo style necklace for the character “Bridey”, played by the beautiful Floriana Lima. The show is set to air in early March of 2016. Here’s snapshot of Bridey and some close-ups of the incomplete necklace. When finished, it had more charms and beads added to it.

Bridey in Necklace


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