Pantone’s Top Ten and Classic Colors for 2018

I created an Adobe .ase file with all of these colors in both cmyk and rgb. You can download the file below.

2018 Fall Winter Color Palette CMYK RGB.ase

2018 Fall Winter Color Palette

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Creative Market-Design Tools

I’ve recently used some high resolution images, fonts and illustrations from Creative Market. They are beautiful and the files are very high quality. I have been very impressed with the quality of tools I’ve used. I highly recommend Creative Market for any materials you might need to complete a project or to find inspiration. The artwork is top notch. Some of the watercolor illustration is amazing and the prices are very reasonable.

Free Design Tools

Creative Market also provides a bundle of 3 items (illustration, fonts, templates or images) free, every week. Sign up and get access to free goods every week.

Creative Market Free Stuff

2016 Pantone Colors of the Year

2016 Colors of Year.ase

Pantone 2016 Colors

Inches to Picas to Points

Free Design Tools

Photoshop Shortcut

Photoshop Shortcut

This shortcut will create a new layer, combining all of the visible layers below. You can then make the original layers invisible and resave the file as a .psd. This way you only have 1 file with all the layers for editing, and 1 combined for placement without creating multiple files, thus saving you time and hard drive space.

Pantone Fashion Color Fall 2015

Pantone Fashion Color Fall 2015


Below is the link to the Adobe Color Swatches File for Pantone’s Fashion Colors – Spring 2015.

Fashion Color Spring 2015.ase


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