New Printable Gift Tags

Printable Gift Tags

Printable Gift Tags

Printable Birthday Gift Tags

Printable Gift Tags

These printable gift tags are blank inside for writing your personal message. You can download a 1 page pdf from my Etsy store. You get 8 pieces per 1 letter size page of card stock, marked with lines for cutting, scoring and folding. Each pdf is $4, for personal use only. No tangible item will be delivered, this is a digital file only.


Successful Web Design

Wagner Engineering & Survey, Inc. Website

I designed this information based website for Wagner Engineering on a WordPress Business Template. I has about 6 pages, The projects were listed in groups as a blog post would be posted, along with images. The press page has a video of a press conference embedded within it. I activated all of the Search Engine Optimization for all content. I customized the Contact Us page to contain an email which the user could submit files such as pdfs to them. The site has only been live for about 10 days and they have already gotten 2 requests for project estimates from new prospective clients.


What can you do with WordPress?

Wordpress Banner Design

I created a log of 70 items in a silent auction on a basic WordPress site. The theme is called Twenty Eleven. It acted as a preview of items for people to know what to expect at the event. The link was sent out to family and friends, even those who were out of town. Even though you couldn’t bet on the site, you could vote by proxy through someone going to the event.

The devil is in the details!

Business Card

This was a small project to revise the name and address on the client’s business card. The files provided to me were Illustrator files and the font was not outlined except for the logo section. The client didn’t like what was happening with the font, it was being squashed together too tightly because the Illustrator file was looking for a font which was not available, so the system was substituting it.

I had the font used in the file, but it was from a different foundry than the original, so it needed some finessing of individual characters to make it look like the client’s other cards. For example the numbers in my version didn’t sit on one baseline, some of them fell below the baseline in a classic font style. I had to raise it 1-1.5 points above the baseline as well as adjust the tracking of the address lines to match up to the style of the original card.

The client also wanted to place a colored background to try to match a cream colored paper of the original cards. This was done to save money on the printing process, so the client didn’t have to special order the paper.The client had a sample of this being done previously-the designer had used 10% yellow, but the paper must have had a blue cast to it, because the final print came out on the green side. I added 1% cyan & 1% magenta to the 10% yellow in an effort to neutralize the green, since the card was being done at the same printer.

All the process PMS colors were also converted to 4/color process. I’m anxious to see how the colors come out, the cards are due back from the printer today.

Even the simplest jobs can take more time and expertise than expected. Sure the client could have done this project much cheaper, but they would not have received this much attention to all the details required to match the card perfectly to what they already had. For some clients that’s exceptable, but I like to go above and beyond to create an excellent product for the client.

Dreamweaver CS4 Glitch

Dreamweaver Issues

Dreamweaver Glitch

Yesterday, I was revising a website in Dreamweaver when I mistakenly placed the .psd file into the media folder related to the page I was working on, instead of a .jpg file. It froze up Dreamweaver as well as my OS. Everything opened crashed one at a time I had to do a forced restart twice to unlock the system and it still wouldn’t properly work until I removed the file. I’m not sure why this happened, but thought I’d share and hopefully save someone else the grief I experienced.