Tea Towels-The Louisiana Collection

Tea Towels in my shop Paper Gumbo on Etsy

Tea Towel

$18.00 each, measuring about 15″ x 25″, these are printed on a beautiful white linen cotton canvas material. They are printed from my watercolor illustrations, the ink is bright and vibrant, and I stitch them myself! Most of these are made to order. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Makes a great gift! More designs are being created. Visit my shop Paper Gumbo.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Here’s a classic Mardi Gras song by my favorite New Orleans musician, Professor Longhair.

Another classic Mardi Gras song. I love the part at the end when he says “I’ll put the nickel and you put the dime and together we’ll buy us some wine”. It’s what Mardi Gras is all about… sharing and enjoying, having a good time. Everyone’s so happy at this time of year in New Orleans! WOW 15¢ for wine — it’s an old song.

I believe in Louisiana

Do you believe in Louisiana?

I’m saddened to think that my grandchildren may never know the place I grew up. With the loss of the wetlands combined with the results of this massive oil spill, they may never know what fun it is to go crabbing on Grande Isle, have a huge shrimp boil with shrimp fresh out of the gulf, eat a raw oyster or go gigging for flounder on the beach. It’s more than the seafood at stake, it’s a culture passed down from generation to generation.

As cajuns, we were born resilient, we will survive, our homeland may not.