Dye Your Jeans

Dying Clothes

As my son is getting ready for his Sophomore year at Berkeley, we decided to give some of his old jeans a new life. He had a pair of green ones that were very hard to match, but they were in good shape and he liked they way they fit. He also had a pair of white ones that no amount of bleach could salvage and his black ones were a little faded. My friend Pam is a costume designer and she dyes clothes all the time. With her advice we decided to give it a try. They came out great! They are all very dark black. I lightened the photo slightly so you could see more detail, but they dyed very even and dark. Here’s what we did:

  • You can do this in a top loader, sink or a container outside. Since we have a front loader, we went to the local laundromat and used their top loading washing machine.
  • Supplies: 1 box of salt and 2 bottles of liquid dye. We used Rit Black. 1 pair rubber gloves.
  • Wet all of the clothes you want to dye and ring out the excess water. Start a wash cycle with hot water, as the water runs add 1 cup of salt, and both bottles of dye (shake them first). Let the solution agitate a little, then add the jeans, 1 pair at a time. With your gloves on push all the fabric into the dye solution to saturate, close the top and let the cycle run.
  • Once they stopped, we took the clothes home and ran them through our front loader in a regular wash cycle and hung them to dry. If you dye them at home, you might want to run a cycle with bleach to clean your machine or you can wash a load of black clothes.

They came out great, very dark black,even color, thank you Pam!

Dye Your Jeans

Living Creatively – A Lifestyle Blog

SZ Studio Design Living CreativelyHi,
In case you’re wondering what’s going on here, I am transitioning my website into a creative lifestyle blog. A few weeks ago I was cleaning up my studio and realized I had multiple creative projects going on at the same time. I’ve had this blog since December 1, 2009 and I’ve always enjoyed creating content about design so I’ve decided to make it completely about my creative projects and how to do them. If you’ve been here before you probably know I’m a thrift store shopper, love vintage stuff and my hobby is giving something old or used a new life. I must create every day, it’s just who I am. So stay tuned and please be patient while I complete the transition to a new site.

Here are a few things I have lined up for next week: How to paint something with a bronze finish, my latest chalk painted furniture project and the new Pantone color palette for fall 2015.

Thanks for sticking around, I look forward to this new adventure together.

Gardening – A Creative Planter Idea

Creative Planter

Gardening – I bought this at a thrift store. It was rusty and heavy. It was made to hang on an office door to hold file folders. I sprayed it white and lined it with garden fabric, then filled it with soil and a couple of 6 packs of annuals to make a planter. I also ran a tube of drip line from my sprinkler to each section for irrigation. It looks pretty in my flower bed, giving my gardeni some height.

Happy Spring 2015! Living A Creative Lifestyle

Happy Spring - Iris

This is an image of a bi-color, (purple & gold) bearded iris in my garden. It is surrounded by daisys and lush green all around. We were lucky enough to get a generous amount of rain this winter, which made everything, including the weeds spring a foot high. Spring is the most beautiful time of year for a gardner. It’s another chance to see what will grow and thrive for the coming season. The colors are amazing and the scents are delicious.

We are very excited here, our son is coming home from Berkeley tomorrow for Spring break. While cleaning up and getting ready to entertain friends tomorrow night, I looked at my studio and realized I had multiple projects going on as usual. I’m making 2 floral wreaths, 1 for me and 1 for a gift. I’m in the middle of refinishing a mirror I bought at a yard sale and replacing some drapery panels on my french doors, which need sewing. At the same time I’m working as a consultant 3-5 days a week and helping my friend who’s a costume designer source some jewelry and learn 3D design, while participating in my HOA which has it’s annual meeting next week. —As usual, I take on too much! It’s not that I can’t say no, I can and I have. I want to do all of these things.

But one thing I realized is that I live a creative lifestyle. I have to create, it’s in my DNA. No matter what else is going on in my life, I must create something every day. It’s either cooking, gardening, drawing, painting or creating something digital at my computer. I  will be posting more info on my projects, how I create them and what products I use.

Please stay tuned. I promise to post more often.