2013 Pantone Fall Fashion Colors

I thought you could use a tool to help your design work go faster. Whether you’re doing fashion design, surface design or graphic design, we all want to use the most stylish colors. According to pantone, the colors noted above are chosen by the designers for their fall line.

Choose a color palette!

Color Inspiration

The nature photo can inspire multiple color palettes. This one has multiple neutrals, but there are infinite possibilities with a photo like this. Tomorrow, I’ll post another selection from this image. I took the photo in a hotel garden on the Central Coast of California.

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Color Matching

Pantone Plus Series

Pantone talks about why and how they came up with the Plus Series. It’s all about color. Designers were asking for more options in the Pantone Library. If you’ve ever tried to match a screen color in print, you know how difficult and most times impossible it is. This doesn’t solve those problems, but it […]

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2011 Fall Color Trends

Fall Colors

As reported to Pantone, fashion designers take a painterly approach this season. They’re combining brights with staple neutrals. Rich coffee will continue to be a staple as well as quarry, a medium gray. Deep teal is paired up with cedar and honeysuckle is used as an accent color with neutrals. When designers were asked what […]

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