An amazing press kit!

A Beautiful Press Kit

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This is the most beautiful press kit I’ve ever seen. I think the creative team at Hub Strategy really hit the nail on the head by going big and getting personal! The signed prints inside are a beautiful gift to the magazine editors. For more details please view the video at Paper Specs. This is creativity at it’s finest and beautifully executed. No corners were cut on this project. Simply beautiful! It’s projects like this that make us want to design. Unfortunately they are too few and far between.

Another Beautiful Publication Design!

A beatiful magazine

I’m a magazine freak! I love them, I constantly have a pile of new ones near my bed and my desk. There’s nothing better than opening up a brand new magazine, I just love the smell of the ink and the brand new untouched paper. When I saw the new issue of Real Simple Weddings, I thought it may be the most beautiful magazine I’d ever opened. The photography is absolutely gorgeous, the layout is well — of course it’s beautiful, it’s Real Simple! But what surprised me the most was the fact that it was printed on a beautiful, ultra smooth buff colored paper. The images are designed with white in the frames. The white on the buff is stunning. If you haven’t seen this issue, I suggest you stop by a new stand ASAP and take a look at it. You won’t be disappointed!

Paper and Branding

Mohawk Paper

Mohawk Fine Papers becomes “Mohawk”. They have streamlined their operation. They’ve reduced the paper selection from 22 text and cover grades to 6 and added a variety of colors including: Rhodamine, Safety Yellow, Warm Red, Chino, Olive and Khaki.

They do so much more than paper, that they’ve launched a new brand identity, calling themselves just “Mohawk”. As they said, it’s short, sweet and to the point. The new logo was designed by Pentagram.

If you were purchasing paper stock at your local xpedx store, that recently shut down, like I was, you can now purchase it directly from Mohawk at

Be on the lookout for their new ad campaign: What will you make today? For a new chip collection:

Did you know they own pinhole press and

Neenah Paper’s Awesome New Cabinet App

Neenah's New Cabinet App

This is an amazing tool by Neenah Paper. You can not only shop for the perfect paper for your project, but you can download the ase file, to help you create realistic colors as well as die lines and the rest of Neenah’s digital tools – environmental calculator, think ink, packaging calculator and paper math.

The Cabinet is not meant to replace your color swatch books (in fact you can order them straight from the Cabinet), it’s meant to supplement them. What I love about it is, it brings all your color and weight options together with your tools to one place — Right on you Desktop!

Gotta love Neenah Paper!

This site receives no compensation from Neenah or any other paper company.

Expose Yourself

There’s a new gallery to show your work. PaperSpecs has opened a curated gallery for designer, paper and excellence in printing. It’s a great place for inspiration as well as a place to show your work. If your work is chosen for the gallery, you will also be eligible for PaperSpecs Gallery Design of the Month Award which includes a feature article and video about your project on the Gallery home page.

Specifiying Paper

19 ways to cut your paper costsYou know how it is. You spend weeks, sometimes months on a project, it’s all ready to go to the printer and you’ve sorted through the paper library to spec the paper, finally get it to the printer and they tell you the paper is now unavailable or it will take 3 weeks to get it from the mill.  Well here’s your solution: they have an up to date database of all available paper, along with it’s color, weight, size etc.

Right now they are offering a free e-book: 19 Ways to Cut Your Paper Cost if you sign up for the upcoming webinar on May 18. The webinar is about creating interesting direct mail pieces.

Check out their website for a wealth of paper information.

Beautiful Print Sample

If you haven’t seen the new promotional piece from Neenah Paper called “Love Linen” you’re missing out on a beautifully designed piece as well as the experience of touching the amazing tactile quality of linen. The design guys have chosen an appealing palette which showcases the vibrancy of the paper along with some sophisticated typography. This would make a good addition to your paper library.