An interesting Marketing Story

Dr. Charles Browne Fleet created ChapStick in 1889. His early ads read “People who go out for recreation in July will become sunburned, more or less. They will please remember that ChapStick is the quickest and best remedy for it.” He was a gifted chemist, but never would have made on Madison Avenue.

Twenty-three years later, he sold his recipe for $5, to local business man John Morton. Morton and his wife spent 7 years mixing the product in their home kitchen and  turned ChapStick into the successful brand it is today, generating $110 million a year.

Frank Wright Jr., designed the ChapStick logo, still in use, for a fee of $15.

What the font?

Have you ever seen a font in print and wanted to use it, but couldn’t figure out what it was. Well there are 2 places you can go for identification. You can upload a .jpg to or you can answer a series of questions at identifont. Even though asks for you to keep […]

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Great Photoshop Shortcut!

Photoshop Shortcut

This shortcut will create a new layer, combining all of the visible layers below. You can then make the original layers invisible and resave the file as a .psd. This way you only have 1 file with all the layers for editing, and 1 combined for placement without creating multiple files, thus saving you time […]

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Coming Together

SOTA, The Society of Typographic Aficianados, has announced the release of a new font called “Coming Together”. This font is made up of over 400 glyphs, mostly ampersands to represent coming together to help one another. The font was designed by a group of type designers, graphic designers and illustrators from around the world. All […]

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Best Selling Fonts

  According to and the following fonts were best sellers in 2009: Arial •  ITC Franklin Gothic • Benton Sans • FF Meta • FF Din • Eurostile •  Gill Sans • DIN Next • Avenir • Futura • Frutiger • Helvetica • Interstate • Akzidenz Grotesk • Univers • Trade Gothic • […]

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Color Trend 2010

According to Pantone® and the global authority on color, the 2010 color of the year is Turquoise. It represents an escape to a tropical paradise. And who couldn’t use that after 2009! soothing • inviting • luminous • wellbeing • water • sky • healing • pleasant

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Beautiful Print Sample

If you haven’t seen the new promotional piece from Neenah Paper called “Love Linen” you’re missing out on a beautifully designed piece as well as the experience of touching the amazing tactile quality of linen. The design guys have chosen an appealing palette which showcases the vibrancy of the paper along with some sophisticated typography. […]

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What is Graphic Design?

A communicator: A designer uses type, imagery, symbols and color to organize ideas into a clear, concise, unified message. Designers provide this service for businesses and organizations to communicate to their audience and cause a response. Quote by Paul Rand, Graphic Designer, from his book Design, Form, Chaos, Yale University Press, New Haven, 1993: “To […]

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