A master designer passes on.

Doyald Young had a fifty year career as designer and teacher at Art Center College of Design. He was well known for his lettering and logotype designs. He was known as a good listener, patient teacher and self-proclaimed perfectionist. Doyald was a legend in the world of typography and he wrote the 3 books featured […]

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Beautiful Illustration

Beautiful historical illustration

This is a print I bought at a thrift store. It’s dated 1909, it was used for a Sunkist ad. The skin tones are especially beautiful. The texture looks so soft, it may have been created with pastels. The flowers, her dress and the background look more like watercolor. I don’t know about her hair, […]

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This weather’s for the ducks!

Pair of Mallards

This beautiful pair of French (Mallard) Ducks, spent the day in our backyard again today. They drank and swam in the pool, ate bugs out of the flower bed and just hung out for the day. The female is brown and of course the male is more beautiful with his green head. It’s cold and […]

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The psychology of color!

psychology of color, pink

Did you know that a certain shade of pink causes a short term decrease in aggression? Pink is the most calming of all colors — many jail cells are pink, studies show that the color pink drains energy. Think of pink as the color of romance, love, and gentle feelings, to be in the pink […]

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New Gap Logo

I think the Gap’s clothing line evolved and it’s logo didn’t. I remember when they first opened, they sold a Collegiate style, kind of east coast yuppie clothing, khakis, white or plaid shirts with v-neck sweaters. Now their clothing style is hip and cool. The logo never reflected those transitions so when you try to […]

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The beauty of science

This beautiful color chart, created by Moses Harris’ in 1766 was published in the book: Natural Systems of Colors. This particularly fine work of art was the British entomologist’s attempt to explain the color interplay he saw in his own favorite kind of bugs, flies.

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