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A child of the 70’s

70s Font

Funkydori is a throwback to the 70’s, like the artist who created this font, I too and a child of the 70’s. This font comes with a large collection — 213 alternates, 13 discretionary ligatures and 38 ornaments allowing for a wide variety of looks. Titling Alternates switches the design to an unconnected script making it extremely flexible. Funkydori can be purchased at my fonts. Laura Worthington is the designer.

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  1. Ive been trying to find a font in this style. I’m creating a clothing line and would like to use this font style. If you would please send me the alphabet contaitning this font typeface. i would greatly appreciate it!

  2. Hi Raqphael,
    You can purchase this font at My Fonts, here is the link:

    Thanks, Debi

  3. Fantastic job DT on the Sample cards!! Normally I find inspiration in a cupole of the cards and this week I had a hard time choosing so I went on my own.. Thanks for a fun Sunday!Hugs, Gina Marie

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